Monday, September 26, 2011

Stop and Pick the Sunflowers

When I was a very little girl, my little sister and I would beg our Papa to "Stop and let us pick the sunflowers," while we traveled long distances from our isolated desert home to the towns many miles away. Sometimes he actually would. We grew up thinking the sunflowers were the most beautiful flower ever!! We also grew up taking joy in the little things of life, that were so insignificant in the eyes of the world.

Several years later we moved to a farm where there were sunflowers growing all along the ditches. We knew we lived in a magical and wonderful land - an enchanted land. 

When I saw these sunflowers growing near Snowflake, Arizona recently, I was transported back in time to the happy, joyful days of childhood when little things filled my heart with great delight.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The glorious voice from the heavens 
is spoken to those who do not hear -
 when pain obliterates comfort,
when fear blocks confidence,
when doubt destroys faith,
when anger replaces trust.
And yet,
The glorious voice from heaven speaks.

Monday, August 8, 2011

 Anger and resentment snowball and hide the delights of life
Appreciation and gratitude allow
clear perspective and joy to snowball.

The Prophet, Pres. Ezra Taft Bensen said:
Rearing happy, peaceful children is no easy challenge
in todays world,
but it can be done and it is being done.

D&C 6:34-36
Fear not little flock...
Look unto me in every thought;
Doubt not, Fear not.

Alma 28:11, 12, 14
The light of Christ sends rays of comfort, peace and hope,
Even in the darkness of loss, sin and sorrow.